The clouds parted way for the sun and a light breeze on Wednesday as a little more than 100 golfers made their way to the Golf Club of Indiana for The Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary’s 14th annual Golf4Giving Open.

Last year’s event brought in $19,993, which was distributed to Salvation Army programs, corps, centers and ministries in Indianapolis. The Women’s Auxiliary organizes the event because of their deep desire to help The Salvation Army with its many programs that serve the less fortunate in the community.

That desire to help the community was one reason Steve Klipsch, an advisory board member, returned for the third year as a platinum sponsor. After tying last year and eventually coming in second during a tie breaker, Klipsch said he was back to redeem himself and hopefully take home first place honors.

“Beyond the obvious of this money doing good things for good people. I do a lot of these things throughout the year and have been for the last 30 years,” Klipsch said. “It’s a well-run event. You get to play some good golf and meet some great people. To me it’s just a great thing.”

Before hitting the green for a few practice swings, golfers enjoyed a box lunch sponsored by Applebee’s and the chance to make a few purchases that could aid their game. (Mulligans anyone?)

Then it was off to the course in shotgun-style fashion. Best ball was played at each hole. For our Divisional Commander, Major John Turner, that meant relying on his teammate and event MC, Scott Sander from WISH TV.

“This is one of my favorite days of the year this has been the year best year weather wise. Who would have thought with this summer,” Sander, a third year Golf4Giving golfer. “I’m really fortunate to be involved in a few of these charity events every year. They are all guy oriented. This one has a much gentler touch to it, and I think because of that it adds some excitement to it as well because of the fact that the Women’s Auxiliary is so heavily involved.”

As the evening approached, golfers made their way to an enclosed pavilion just off the course to bid in the silent auction and enjoy dinner from BRAVO! Cucina Italiana and ice cream dessert from Handels.

Of course the day wouldn’t have been complete without some kind of award ceremony.

So who were the big winners? Besides those benefiting from Salvation Army programs that were made possible through fundraising events like Golf4Giving, the winners were:

Men’s 1st Place with a score of 51
Kelly George                     Tom Tocash
Brian Schlagenhan         Brian McConnel

Men’s 2nd Place with a score of 52
Lennie Hayes                   Bob Groogan
Rob Knuckles                   Tom Anderson

Ladies 1st place with a score of 56
Beverly Copeland           Lana Ashley
Denise Shepard                Katie Haun

Mixed Team 1st Place with a score of 58
Jennifer Zelhart              John McCurdy
Frank McCurdy              Gregg Gagliano

Closest to pin:
#3 (Men) Dennis Hunter
#8 (Women)
Linda Park
#2 (Women)
Kristi O’Brien
#6 (Men)
Mike Caudill


*A special thanks to everyone: The Women’s Auxiliary, volunteers, golfers, Golf Club of Indiana and all of the Golf4Giving sponsors and partners.