The Salvation Army Social Service Center recently received a $37,500 grant for general operating support from an Anonymous Fund at the Central Indiana Community Foundation.

This generous gift came at a crucial time for the emergency shelter, which served 1,785 homeless and/or abused women and children last year. The Social Service Center anticipates a 10% allocation decrease from the United Way of Central Indiana during the next funding cycle.  It is struggling to maintain its core programs while keeping pace with the increased need for its services and dealing with unanticipated income shortfalls.

“We are getting very creative and doing all we can to reduce our expenses without reducing services,” said Dena Simpson, Social Service Center Associate Director. “This anonymous grant is a wonderful and unexpected blessing for our organization. It is amazing that there is someone or some people generous enough to give without expecting any recognition or reward.”

In 2008, the SSC served 47% more women and children than in 2007. The SSC consistently remains at capacity and, since February of 2008, has seen a drastic increase in the number of families seeking shelter due to foreclosure. Since the start of this year, more than 50 families have reported they are seeking shelter because their landlord or the person they are staying with is experiencing foreclosure.