Story and photo from the Fall 2013 issue of County Line

Story and photo from the Fall2013 issue of County Line

An elderly woman goes the distance to seek help from The Salvation Army.

SPENCER COUNTY — For more than two years, Ellen Gray has gone without electricity. It was a sacrifice Ellen thought she had to make until a neighbor told her about The Salvation Army and the help it offers to those in need.

The only problem was that Ellen lived in Hatfield and did not have any means of transportation to make the journey to Rockport where The Salvation Army’s office is. Deciding that the opportunity to get assistance was too important, Ellen made the 10-mile trek from Hatfield to Rockport — by foot.

Norma Duley, a Spencer County Service Representative with The Salvation Army, was at the office when Ellen arrived. She helped Ellen get her electricity turned back on, provided her with food and drove her back to her home to Hatfield. While driving Ellen back home, Norma asked “why did you go so long without electricity?”

“I live off my Social Security income, so I have very little money,” Ellen replied. “I have to pay my rent, and I can’t go without heat in the winter so electricity was the only thing left. My neighbor told me The Salvation Army helps people that need assistance with utilities, so I decided to walk to Rockport to see if you guys could help me. And you did.”

Last year, The Salvation Army helped provide basic needs to individuals and families more than 235,000 times across the state of Indiana.

Thanks to the generous support of Salvation Army donors, men and women like Ellen can continue to live in their homes with electricity, have food to prepare meals and know there is a helping hand and friend available.

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