Teens from the Eagle Creek Corps are rolling up their sleeves for a Spring Break service project.

Spring break. We all have memories of enjoying time away from teachers and tests, whether it was just for a few days with grandma or on a beach with our friends. The annual break will be here soon. While many families are planning for a vacation, the teens who gather at the Eagle Creek Corps are rolling up their sleeves for a service project instead.

It’s a time of year that these teens anxiously await. Captain Leti Crowell, who works with the teens says, “During Spring Break, we like to take a few days to go and do something fun with them because many of our teens aren’t able to afford any kind of vacation. They come from single parent homes and those parents work maybe one or two jobs. So, we take them either to the dollar movie theater, a mall they’ve never been to, or bowling. It’s something that they can spend the day together and have a good time.”

This year they plan on doing something a little different. After receiving a call from a social service counselor advocating for one of the corps’ senior citizens, Capt. Leti had an idea. For the teens,  it’s an idea that has the potential to change the course of their lives. The teens will divide into three teams with a team leader and coordinate with the Booth Manor case worker to do some spring cleaning for the older adults in their apartments. Booth Manor is The Salvation Army’s low-income senior housing facility that is located just behind the Eagle Creek Corps at 4400 N.High School Road on Indy’s westside.

The teens will enjoy a pizza party in the Booth Manor community room with the residents, after completing the service project. Capt. Leti sees the project as two-fold – as a wonderful way for the young people to give back to their community and a great opportunity to blend the generations. “We are always looking for ways to help our community and this is a perfect way for our residents and teens to get to know each other and build relationships that could last a lifetime.”

You can support the Eagle Creek Corps and learn more by visiting their webpage or by contacting Captains Geff and Leti Crowell at (317)299-4454.