What goes around, comes around. And I mean that in the very best way. Here at The Salvation Army, we’re always trying to inspire you to get in the game and do your best at “Doing the Most Good.” If you’ve not been moved thus far, the following testimony of one woman’s gratitude towards the Army will inspire AND convict.  Again, in a good way. You see, this woman didn’t just come to us and find help and hope.  She discovered the joy of giving back – even before she was able to do so.  She discovered the importance of keeping the cycle going between giving and receiving.  Read her story and see how it can apply to your perspective about giving back out of the blessings that you’ve received.

My name is Donna*. My life has been saved! This is a literal statement because the abuse from my husband had progressed to the point where he was going to kill me. And even worse than that he would have done so in front of my three children. He had never abused the children before, but the signs were all present and I knew it was just a matter of time before he started on them too.

People say, “Leave him! Go!” But where do you go? There was nowhere in the area to go, no shelters. How are you supposed to get out safely? And if you have children it becomes even more complicated. You leave on the spur of the moment whenever the opportunity becomes available to you.

Then you find out all of the shelters are full, no rooms available. I left home in the middle of the night with my three children with very few personal belongings. Who was there for us? The Salvation Army was there. They had a room for us. In the middle of the night at 11:00pm they were there. My kids and I were finally safe. They first provided us with food, clothing, personal hygene items. After that they provided us with spiritual encouragement and hope. We stayed at The Salvation Army for several months until I was able to save up money for a safe apartment away from my abusive husband.

Currently I am still not at a place where I can give back, but when I am I will give generously so that The Salvation Army can be there for someone else in need. Thank you and God Bless.

Names have been changed to protect the confidentiality of the client.  Donna* is currently enrolled in our Continuing Support Program and she continues contact with her case manager once a week.

Coming up – an opportunity for YOU to give back, or “bite back” as we like to say here!

October 7 at Monument Circle in downtown Indy – 10am – 3pm.   Your lunch purchase will benefit programs for homeless and abused women and children, just like Donna*.