It hardly seems possible that we’re thinking about winter coats again – especially while experiencing such a warm Labor Day weekend! Even more exciting is the fact that Bob Gregory’s Coats for Kids campaign has been providing free winter coats to children in need in Central Indiana for 25 years!.  This is WTHR’s longest-running community service campaign because of your support and generous coat donations.

Channel 13 will again join forces with Tuchman Cleaners and the Salvation Army to collect new or gently-used coats for children in need from Labor Day through October 24th.   If you have a winter coat that your child has outgrown, please donate it to Coats for Kids at any of the 25 Tuchman Cleaners locations throughout the Greater Indianapolis area. We are collecting children’s heavy winter coats of all sizes – coats for little babies and all the way through the teen years. Shop for a coat to donate here in our easy to use, secure coat shop!

And coats are not all we are collecting. Since this year is significant in the history of the campaign, we’d like to compile a special series of stories – your stories! Share with us how you or someone you know has been impacted by Coats for Kids – whether you’ve assisted families by volunteering at the distribution, shopped for coats to donate, or been given a coat for your child….we want to let our community know just how important this campaign has been! For more information about the event and to share your stories, check out WTHR’s Coats for Kids page here.

This year, the Coats for Kids distribution will take place on Saturday, October 29th from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. in the Marsh Agricultural Building at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.  Any child who needs a coat will receive one that day.  There is only one requirement: an adult must accompany all children and there is a limit of one coat per child.  Bilingual (Spanish) volunteers will also be on site to assist non-English speaking families.

The Colts will hold a special Coats for Kids collection on Sunday, September 25th at the main gates of the Lucas Oil Stadium right before they take on the Pittsburgh Steelers. WTHR personalities and volunteers from Tuchman Cleaners and the Salvation Army will be there to accept coat and cash donations from Colts fans.

Here’s a few comments we’ve received from the community so far:

“I was having a garage sale last year and a couple of ladies came up and wanted to buy all my kids coats. They asked how much and told me they do this all summer to give to coats for kids. Of course I charged them nothing! Way to go to your volunteers!!!”

“Every year my siblings and I make sure we donate because we had hard working parents that struggled to buy us winter coats, hats, boots.and gloves when we were children. My parents refused to endure the
humiliation imposed by the staff at the Trustee office in those days. Sometimes working people need a little help without the humiliation. Thanks Bob Gregory and channel 13. New fresh smelling warm properly fitting coats 🙂 are awesome. Give new coats if you can.”

“Yes my kids have recieved coats one yr, it was the year my family was finacially hurting badly and couldnt afford to buy the simplest things for the kids so we took them to get new coats that yr they seen that i didnt even have a coat for myself and asked me to try one on and i too got to walk away with a warm coat along with my three kids. Thanks Coats for kids without we would have frozen.”