Emergency Disaster Services

A few months ago, The Salvation Army Indiana began a program called the Bus Tour of Hope as a way to show employees, corporate partners, volunteers and the curious how we “Do the most good.”

The first stop on the tour was the Fountain Square Corps and Community Center. Now we’re on to the next stop, Emergency Disaster Services.

Usually first on the scene, Disaster Services is always ready and prepared to serve. Its first goal is to meet the basic needs of those who have been affected, including survivors and first responders, by offering material, physical, emotional and spiritual comfort.

The services provided are done as an outgrowth of faith and as an act of obedience to God. It’s important to note, however, that no services are ever withheld because of a recipient’s beliefs. Those services include: food service, hydration service, emergency shelter, cleanup and restoration, donations management, spiritual and emotional care, disaster social services, emergency communications and administration.

In March, EDS played a very important role in southern Indiana when an F4 tornado ripped through several communities there.  Canteens were set up and those in need were served, but the work is still on going. Now in the recovery phase, EDS is helping other faith-based groups rebuild 20 homes.

EDS also helps by offering disaster training and certification. The next training class open to the public will be October 20 at the EDS Indiana warehouse. The fee is $10. For more information or to reserve your spot, please contact:  Bert Williams at 317-224-1013 or email [email protected] OR Jerry Larsen at 317-937-7023 or email [email protected].

Check out the fall 2012 Bus Tour of Hope Schedule

For more information about the Bus Tour of Hope, contact Jo Ann Remender at 317-224-1008 or email her at [email protected].