The Salvation Army’s CASUAL FOR A CAUSE program allows your business and employees help improve the lives of needy families in your community quickly, easily, and with little time investment.  All contributions go to local Salvation Army programs and services that provide help and hope to families affected by crisis, poverty, hunger, isolation, and troubled relationships.


CASUAL FOR A CAUSE can easily be integrated into a casual day or a dress down day that already occurs, or it can be a unique event on its own.  Suggested donations include a donation of $1 for a day of casual dress, $5 for the week, $10 for the month, or any denomination familiar to the office.

Employees are the “keys to success” of the CASUAL FOR A CAUSE program.  Employees encourage each other to help the less fortunate by donating money to dress down for the day.  Employees are still required to follow the appropriate attire guidelines set out by the business.


Most of your employees like to know how they are helping needy families through The Salvation Army, and we are happy to provide you with informational material to acquaint them with Salvation Army programs and services.


  • Track contributions and report CASUAL FOR A CAUSE totals
  • Distribute CASUAL FOR A CAUSE  program materials to employees
  • Your business or a business you partner with may elect to match funds collected on any particular day


  • Informational material for employees
  • Signage for placement at your business’ entries, aisles, tables, or registers upon request
  • Buttons for employees if available
  • Acknowledgement of your business’ participation in any local public relations


  • Divide employees into fundraising teams that compete for prizes
  • Promote CASUAL FOR A CAUSE campaign on your social media networks
  • Promote CASUAL FOR A CAUSE in your employee newsletter


  • Provides a practical means for your business and employees to invest in your community
  • Integrates easily with your normal business operations
  • Provides a simple way for your employees to essentially volunteer while on-the-job

Money collected will be used for local programs and services carried out by The Salvation Army.  Collections should be directed to the attention of Mel McMahon, Corporate Relations Coordinator,  3100 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis, IN 46208  (317) 224-1019  [email protected]