We’ve come to the end of another successful year; wrapping up another season of Doing the Most Good. But there really is no beginning or end – no season in which we exclusively spend ourselves on serving the needs of families in Indy. It’s a year-long undertaking and one that is faithfully done by many hands. Serving Hoosiers who come to The Salvation Army seeking assistance in many different ways, cannot be accomplished without the help of citizens, businesses, & other organizations that care. That’s YOU!

We’d like to take this time to tell you  how much your caring spirits mean to us. You have given your time, talents and finances to make a difference in people’s lives who might otherwise feel like no one cares. You’ve shared these things because you do care. And because you’ve cared, many others have received hope.

For example:

  • More than 1,900 homeless and abused women and children received care at our Shelter for Women and Children.
  • More than 600 women and children fleeing domestic violence found safety and shelter through our Emergency Bed Space Program.
  • In July, the Emergency Bed Space Program was at 143% capacity.  In August it was at 126% capacity.
  • 27 families and 10 individuals found a home thanks to our low-income housing program at our Barton Center Apartments.
  • Nearly 2,300 men and women struggling to overcome substance abuse and addiction found the help they needed at our Harbor Light Center.
  • Nearly 50 men and women in the Harbor Lights Transitional Housing program which gives individuals the tools they need to successfully rebuild their lives after treatment.
  • Meals Served 2011: 2,174,962. This includes meals (groceries) provided through our food pantries.
  • Safe Nights Shelter 2011: 96,482

It’s a chain reaction and one that we aim to continue spreading, throughout the coming year. But we can’t deliver hope without YOU! We are so thankful for you and all that you’ve invested in people’s lives in 2011. Won’t you join us again in 2012? Life goes on and there continue to be needs such as there were this past year. Sadly enough, women & children will come to our shelter looking for a respite from abuse, neglect and overwhelming circumstances. Can we count on you to support our efforts to reach out to them? Men will continue to hit rock bottom with their addictions and seek rehabilitation through our alcohol & drug recovery programs. Will you have a role in giving them hope for a better future? Parents will worry about how to feed their children. Is there anything that you can share with those who are hungry?

As much as we thank God for your donations and support, we know that the people who benefit from your generosity and care…Thank God for YOU!

Thank you for caring in 2011 and may we look forward together at how we can best be Doing the Most Good in 2012. May God bless you and your families for yet another year!