It’s not who you expect to come knocking at your door at 9:30 a.m. on Christmas Eve. After all, he usually makes his appearance long after the children have gone to bed and the moon has risen in the night sky.

On this Christmas Eve, though, six central Indiana children received an unexpected early visit from Santa Claus. In his hands he carried the type of gift millions of children hoped to find under their Christmas trees: a brand new bicycle.

The Salvation Army Toy Shop provided Christmas presents to over 2,100 children, but for two families in search of bikes for their children, we were able to make this Christmas extra special. As if meeting Santa weren’t excitement enough, the kids’ eyes lit up when they spied the new bikes, “Rockets” for the boys and pink Huffy models with handlebar streamers for the girls.

For this special trip, Santa left his sleigh behind and trusted the navigational skills of Two Men and a Truck, who got to lead the way. WISH-TV‘s WISH Tree toy drive collects thousands of toys for Toy Shop, so reporter Jessica Hayes tagged along to witness the gleeful smiles, the tottering toddler balancing on training wheels, and the hope and gratitude in the mothers’ faces.

At Christmastime and throughout the year, may we always remember how giving a little can add up to big things, especially in the eyes of children.