Five years ago, Quincy was living in an apartment with his mother and sister. While his family life was good, the neighborhood they lived in was not. Gangs and drugs seemed to rule his small community, putting Quincy and his sister at risk.

But one day, Quincy found a light in the darkness. A Salvation Army officer visited his neighborhood and invited him to our Eagle Creek Community Center. Soon he began participating in the after school programs. The help he received with his homework immediately improved his grades. Later, he joined The Salvation Army’s character-building program for young men. Eventually, he even became a soldier of The Salvation Army Corps.

Last fall, Quincy started his freshman year at IUPUI. He credits The Salvation Army with keeping him on track with his education and encouraging him to go to college.

“Without The Salvation Army, I’d just be another kid in a gang,” he says.

Before Quincy started college, he sent this note to Captain Leti Crowell, Corps Officer for The Salvation Army Eagle Creek Corps:

Thanks Captain Leti, for all the help you have given the others and me at the Corps. I appreciate everything you’ve done for us and for putting up with us – even when we were misbehaving! Thanks again for helping me. ~Quincy

Truly, his thanks belong to friends like you! Because you care, boys and girls throughout Central Indiana believe they have bright futures. For children like Quincy, knowing that people in the community want him to succeed has made all the difference.