More than 50 fifth graders from White Lick Elementary in Brownsburg gave The Salvation Army’s Emergency Disasters Services a helping hand this week. The students packed 300 shelter kits, 250 firefighter kits, and sorted and packed clothing items all of which will be used in response during a disaster.

The event is the culmination of a special disaster curriculum which the students have been studying over the past several months. “This is something we wanted to learn about because of the big storms that hit Brownsburg last summer. A lot of the families weren’t prepared for the storms” said Carley Doty, one of the students who took on the leadership of this project.“The kits that the kids are preparing today will stored and ready for use when the next big storm hits Indiana” said Jo Ann Remender of The Salvation Army. She and several other members of The Salvation Army’s EDS team were invited to share their experiences with the students in the classroom. “The skills these kids have learned this year will have an impact on them for the rest of their lives” added Remender.

Some of the fifth graders helped prepare lunch for everyone in a Salvation Army Field Kitchen and each received a special Disaster Masters Salvation Army badge and an emergency preparedness kit to take home for their families.