Tracey Maxson at our Social Service Center, downtown Indy.

In a normal world, Tracey Maxson would be your typical Asian girl, good at math and with super strict parents. But one thing is certain: she can’t crunch numbers but she can catch a football like no one’s business; an open book, down for a challenge and up for anything that allows her to be competitive.

It’s that competitive spirit that has landed Tracey as a finalist in the “Face of MyINDY-TV” contest through WISH-TV. As part of that process, each finalist has been paired with a local charity to show off their fund raising and social media skills. We’re happy that Tracey’s charity is The Salvation Army of Indiana and enjoyed taking her on a tour of our Women and Children’s Shelter to learn about our services there. She’ll be returning there on Sunday to help West Coast Tacos serve lunch in addition to other fun events before the final day of the competition Aug. 15.


The more money Tracey raises on our behalf, the better her chances are at becoming the new Face of MyINDY-TV! You can donate at this link to support Tracey in her efforts AND help us serve people in need here in Indy.

You can follow Tracey’s adventures on Twitter @traceymaxson , or see our updates @SAIndiana or on Facebook – The Salvation Army Indiana Division.