Major Turner farewell


After just over three years as the leaders of The Salvation Army in Indiana, Majors John and Theresa Turner will be moving on to take leadership of The Salvation Army’s Eastern Michigan Division.  With this new appointment comes a promotion to the rank of Lt. Colonel for both Majors John and Theresa.

Assuming command of the Indiana Division will be Majors Bob and Collette Webster.  The Websters are currently in command of The Salvation Army’s Ray and Joan Kroc Center in South Bend, Indiana.

During the Turners’ tenure and under their leadership, The Salvation Army in Central Indiana saw growth in its fundraising from $10.6 million to $11.2 million.  More significant, however, is the tremendous increase in the number of people served, which grew annually from 41,149 to 62,561.

The Turners, who will take their new appointment and rank on October 1, will never forget their time in Indiana.

“The move for us is certainly bittersweet,” says Major John Turner.  “We are honored to be recognized with this promotion and transfer, which will bring us close to family in the Detroit area – but at the same time we just hate the idea of leaving Indiana.  We have come to love the people, the place and everything there is about Indiana, and are going to miss it greatly.”

Majors John and Theresa Turner have been Salvation Army officers for 26 years. They have held appointments as Corps Officers in Niles, Michigan; Chicago (Belmont-Lakeview), Illinois; and Champaign, Illinois.  They held administrative appointments at Divisional Headquarters in Chicago, Kansas City and St. Louis.

Before coming to Indiana, Major John Turner served as the General Secretary in the Eastern Michigan Division and Major Theresa Turner served as the Divisional Women’s Ministry Secretary.  In June 2011, they were appointed to the Indiana Division, where Major John has served as Divisional Commander and Major Theresa has served as Director of Women’s Ministries.