Mrs. Steffans Fourth Graders packed over 100 welcome kits for The Salvation Armys Womens and Childrens Shelter

Mrs. Steffen's Fourth Graders packed over 100 welcome kits for The Salvation Army's Women's and Children's Shelter

Fourth Graders at White Lick Elementary School in Brownsburg packed “welcome kits” for moms and kids at The Salvation Army’s Women’s and Children’s Shelter in Indianapolis.  Mrs. Steffen’s class set a goal to pack 100 kits and in less than an hour they had not only hit their goal, they exceeded it.

Helping the students fill their kits was Gilchrist & Soames, who donated hygiene products such as shampoo, soap, and conditioners.  Gilchrist & Soames even brought a little something for kids to give their moms this Sunday.

The welcome kits are just part of a special project the students named “Call to Care.”  The curriculum was designed to get the kids interested in serving those in need in their community.  They were surprised to learn that there were children their own age who were homeless.  “They instantly wanted to help,” said their teacher, Emily Steffen.

The kids came up with the name “Call to Care” and began seeking out ways in which they could help homeless children.  Soon, they were put in contact with The Salvation Army’s Women’s and Children’s shelter in Indianapolis.  “We were sad to learn that there were kids our own age who were homeless and coming to the shelter with nothing ,” said one of the fourth graders.  “We’re very happy that we got to do this and it’s cool to be able to give these kids things they need.”

Later this month, the students will deliver their welcome kits and blankets (see “A Call To Care”) they made as part of Call to Care to the shelter.  They will also get to take a tour of the shelter to see first hand how The Salvation Army is serving those in need.

See photos of the kids packing.