The Krugerrand is worth an estimated $850.

The Salvation Army receives its "Golden Gift" in Johnson County. It's the second Krugerrand in two years for the location.

A South African Krugerrand was dropped into a Salvation Red Kettle in Johnson County yesterday evening.  The coin, which is estimated to be worth about $850, was donated anonymously and wasn’t found until late in the evening when the kettles were being counted. (Read their story here.)

Earlier in the day, Major Richard Hartman of the Johnson County Salvation Army received an anonymous phone call telling him the gift would be donated in one of his kettles that evening.  This is the second year the mysterious donor has placed a Krugerrand in a Johnson County Red Kettle; a tradition The Salvation Army is hoping will spread throughout Central Indiana.

While the unexpected donation will certainly help the fundraising efforts in Johnson County, donations are still down in central Indiana.  As of today, The Salvation Army is only at 49% of its goal of $2.75 million.  This is a deficit of about $120,000 compared to last year’s totals at this time.

The need in central Indiana has never been greater and The Salvation Army is asking Hoosiers to continue to give generously.  Donations can be made in a variety of ways.  Of course donations can be made at any of the 140 Red Kettle locations around Indianapolis.  Donations can also be made online at or to our Online Red Kettle. Checks can be mailed to The Salvation Army, 3100 N. Meridian Street, Indianapolis IN, 46208. For more about The Salvation Army’s Red Kettles in Central Indiana, including locations and volunteer information, visit