Port-au-Prince, Haiti: Highlights of The Salvation Army’s relief work for January 27 include the following:

  • Team members in PaP accepted a shipment of 18 pallets of food and 4 pallets of bottled water sent over from the logistics team in Miami.  The 18 pallets of food represent over 213,000 meals.
  • Food sufficient for 11,000 meals was given to support a group of Haitian technicians who are working to restore the communication system in Haiti.  Lack of good communication remains one of the significant challenges that continue to hamper the effective coordination of relief efforts.
  • Over 100 preschoolers attended classes again today.
  • Approximately 250 patients received medical attention from doctors at The Salvation Army compound.
  • Arrangements to facilitate a food and water distribution in Petit Goave were finalized in preparation for what is believed to be the first major delivery of relief aid that will reach earthquake survivors in this coastal community.
  • Salvation Army personnel continued to network with other agencies to coordinate essential services for the thousands of families we are standing alongside of in Port-au-Prince.
  • Team members in Haiti continue to be supported by logistics managers and many hundreds of volunteers as food and other critically needed supplies are purchased, repackaged, and then shipped to the warehousing facility in Miami to be readied for final shipment to Haiti and ultimately distributed to families who have been displaced and rendered homeless by the earthquake.  This is truly a massive effort that must be managed throughout the entire process in order to ensure that an uninterrupted supply of relief goods are available to the people of Haiti while the country’s infrastructure is rebuilt and normal supply chains are reestablished.