Cancer. It’s a word that no parent wants to hear from their child’s doctor, but every day there are thousands of diagnoses that upend lives and replace happiness with fear. For young mothers like Emily, the diagnosis of a rare cancer in her young daughter, Brianna, brought their world crashing down.

Emily scrambled to find ways to cover the expense of Brianna’s specialized treatments, which were unavailable at hospitals near her home in DuBois County, Indiana. She and Brianna would need to travel two-and-a-half hours each way for weekly treatments at Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis, adding significant travel costs that weren’t covered by insurance. Determined to find a way, Emily reached out to her local Salvation Army representative, Neil Elkins.

Neil understood the urgency of Emily’s request and quickly assembled the funds necessary for a gas voucher. Brianna was able to start treatments immediately, and the gas voucher was enough to cover to the cost of getting Brianna to and from Indianapolis every week until her treatments ended. Thanks to the life-saving therapies Brianna received, she is well on her way to returning to a life of health and happiness beside her grateful mother.

When urgent help is needed, like in the case of Emily and Brianna, we are grateful, too, for the generosity of our donors. With your help, The Salvation Army can continue to do the most good for members of our communities when they need us the most. Thank you!

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