Hope on Homefront

Being a soldier requires toughness of mind, spirit and body. This also helps soldiers traverse the ups and downs of civilian life, but sometimes the path is too rough for even the toughest men and women.

Christopher was injured while deployed in Iraq, but at the end of his tour his sense of duty sent him back into the Middle East conflict. Christopher survived an IED explosion in Afghanistan that killed two close friends, but this time he was sent home to Indiana on medical disability.

Like so many returning veterans, Christopher struggled to adjust and his life began to fall apart. His wife left him and he fell into a deep depression. He couldn’t hold on to a job and his personal relationships began to suffer.

Just when Christopher’s life finally started to come together, a major reshuffle at work resulted in the loss of his job. Faced with mounting utility bills and dwindling hope, Christopher looked up The Salvation Army and made the humbling journey to ask for help.

As he told his story to Adams County Service Extension representative Pastor Dan York, Christopher broke down. This tough soldier was determined to pay back any help he received, but Pastor York explained to him that The Salvation Army’s assistance wasn’t a loan or a hand out – it was a hand up. In times of great need, he told Christopher, The Salvation Army offers a ray of hope, a chance for change, and a prayer for the disheartened and lost.

“I asked if it would be alright if I said a prayer with him, and he said yes,” recalls Pastor York. “I prayed a simple prayer and he was weeping when I said ‘Amen.’ I felt that day confirmation as to why I donate my time as a Salvation Army representative. Christopher was a wounded warrior, a man that has served his country, and I felt it an honor to meet him, pray with him, and give him some encouragement and help.

On behalf of Christopher and every soldier and civilian you help with your donations, thank you for giving them strength on their weakest days and hope during their darkest times.