Indiana leaders, Majors Richard and Vicki Amick

After serving five years as Indiana leaders, Majors Richard and Vicki Amick will be assuming new appointments with The Salvation Army’s Midwest Command in Chicago, Illinois. The new appointments come with a promotion to the rank of Lt. Colonel.

Major Richard (Dick) Amick was born in Charlotte, MI, the son of officer parents, Majors Carl and Betty Amick. He graduated from high school in Hutchinson, KS in 1972. Major Amick went on to graduate from Washburn University in Topeka, KS, in May 1982 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. He entered the College for Officer Training from Hutchinson, KS, and was commissioned a Salvation Army officer in June 1978. His first appointment was to Elgin, Illinois as the Asst. Corps Officer.

Major Vicki Amick was born in Grand Haven, MI, to Ed and Rose Anderson. She graduated from Grand Haven High School in 1974. Before entering the College for Officer Training in 1976, she was employed by The Salvation Army as the Youth Department Secretary at Divisional Headquarters in Grand Rapids, MI. Commissioned as a Salvation Army officer in June 1978, Major Vicki was appointed to Kenosha, WI as the Asst. Corps Officer.

The Amicks were married on March 16, 1979 in Grand Haven, MI at The Salvation Army. They held corps appointments in Belvidere and Chicago, IL. Majors Amick then held Divisional Headquarters appointments, with Major Richard serving as the Divisional Finance Secretary in three divisions and Divisional Secretary in Indiana. Moving to Territorial Headquarters in January 1996, then Captain Amick was appointed as the Asst. Territorial Finance Secretary. In September 1999, he was appointed as the Territorial Finance Secretary, followed by an appointment to the International College for Officers in London in 2001.

Major Vicki served on divisional staffs as Divisional League of Mercy/Medical Fellowship Secretary in several divisions and as Divisional Home League Secretary in Indiana. Upon moving to Territorial Headquarters, then Captain Vicki Amick was appointed Administrative Assistant to the Territorial President of Women’s Ministries. On October 1, 2003, Major Vicki Amick was appointed Territorial League of Mercy Secretary, now known as the Territorial Community Care Ministries Secretary.

On February 1, 2006 the Amicks took leadership of the Indiana Division with Richard as the Divisional Commander and Vicki serving as Divisional Directors of Women’s Ministries. Under their leadership, The Salvation Army has had tremendous success in fundraising, programming, and service to those in need.

Major Richard Amick’s new appointment will be to serve as Territorial Secretary for Business Administration and Major Vicki is taking on the role of Asst. Territorial Secretary for Program. It has been an honor having the Amicks with us here in Indiana and we pray for blessings as they take on these new and many new friends for them in Chicago.