Thanks to  a new “balanced” or year-round calendar for the 2011-12 school year within the IPS school district, students in our shelter daycare program were able to visit one of Indy’s gems – The Children’s Museum (TCM). The Carousel is always a hit with children, along with the circus mirrors and 2-story glass-blown sculpture. IPS’s new calendar features nine-week instructional blocks followed by two-week intersessions. The first intersession began Oct. 10 and runs through Oct. 21.

The extended breaks throughout the year are allowing many opportunities for The Salvation Army to take students involved in their programs on educational and positive outings such as the one to TCM this week. However, the breaks alone are not enough to ensure that these children are afforded some respite from the realities of being homeless and all that goes with that. Your donations are what make these trips possible!  And all children deserve to be enriched with activities such as going to the zoo, museums, taking in the arts and other fun events.

If you’d like to make a donation so that we can schedule more events like this, please do so on our website at