Pete the Planner, Jim O'Brien and their kids with the winning snow "lady".

Snowman Showdown 2011 has officially ended and thank goodness no one got hurt. That’s usually how a showdown ends…right? No, in fact, it was a lot of fun!  “This isn’t about the money today. This is about community gathering and having a little fun,” said Jeff Stanger, Development Director.

It was an idea thrown out on Twitter and Pete the Planner responded with an offer to donate $500. Pete had recently challenged his followers to “give creatively” and what better way than to involve our supporters with a fun activity?! West Coast Tacos jumped on the chance to come serve hot tacos and continue to partner with us in doing the most good! They’ve served numerous times at our shelter and we know we can count on them to deliver deliciously!

Participants showed up throughout the day, sculpting to their hearts content in the sunshine. First, a mother and two sons – next a group of ladies from our shelter who created a collection of snowladies.  My sister and I fashioned Mr. Cupcake and Captain Leti Crowell and teens from the Eagle Creek Corps finished up just in time for the judging.

The winning snowman (excuse me… snow lady) – decked out in feather boa and sprinkled with valentine candies, was awarded $100. The other $400 Pete gave, went to buy warm gear for the kids at our Women and Childrens Shelter. Everyone was a winner – being able to act like a kid again and all for a good cause. Thank You! to all who decided to let their inner child come out and play in the snow! Thank you to Pete the Planner, West Coast Tacos, Bert with the EDS Canteen, and the staff who brought to life the Snowman Showdown 2011! See you next year? Watch the video here.