Ricker Stores owner, Jay Ricker with Salvation Army Capt. Nicholas Montgomery celebrating a successful fundraising effort at the store in Lapel, 2011.

You wouldn’t expect to meet the prominent owner of a successful chain of fuel stations, dressed as a clown and handing out free hot dogs. But that has been the case on more than one occasion recently at various Ricker Stores around central Indiana. Owner Jay Ricker has been making visits to several of his stores as a way of conveying his thanks for each location’s successful fundraising efforts. During the Christmas season, he challenged the stores to raise money for The Salvation Army and offered these personal visits to the ones who raised the most.

Jay is all dressed up and at it again. He’ll be making an appearance on Monday, Jan. 31st at the Ricker store located at 5201 N. Keystone Ave. in Indpls. from 4-6pm. Once again, there will be FREE hot dogs – but this time with a twist! For each hot dog that Jay Ricker gives away, he’ll donate $1 to The Salvation Army! Now that might not seem like much, but that’s in addition to the check he’ll be presenting for the $12,597.89 that Ricker Stores collected for us this Christmas!

So come out and bring the family and enjoy some FREE hot dogs! Meet owner Jay Ricker (as a clown) and help us earn more to continue serving families in need.