Just met with our friends from Jillian’s Indianapolis and we’re thrilled to announce the first prize packages of the season. If you’re not familiar, Jillian’s is like a Chuck E. Cheese for grown-ups, but better. You’ll enjoy great food and interactive video games, cosmic bowling and billiards. (And let me tell you, the brownie bites are A-MA-ZING!) Located right downtown Indianapolis, it’s central to everywhere and not just like anywhere. Sounds like a great time, right? Absolutely!

Ready for a little holiday (or post-holiday) fun? Jillian’s has donated three prizes packages, each valued at $275. Each package includes a VIP party for 15 guests, a 7000 point Amazing Game Card and 1-hour of billiards play!

So, now you know the bar has been set high. We’re looking for more great packages to add some excitement and incentive for pledgers during the WIBC Radiothon. Got any ideas? Give me (Kristen) a call at 224-1019.