Salvation Army USA, August 24, 2010

At the 5 year anniversary of Katrina, the nation is reflecting this week on tragedy that befell the Gulf Coast so many years ago and how the area has pressed on since. As an integral part of the community, The Salvation Army was there before the storm, and we were there after working to provide support and help rebuild.

The Salvation Army’s Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi Division posted an album on their Facebook page that looks back at their efforts to help those in need during the immediate aftermath. From serving food to providing medical support, The Salvation Army was a shining light during a very dark time.

Five years later, we are still dedicated to serving and restoring these communities.

As a part of continuing recovery efforts, The Salvation Army is investing in projects, communities and individual lives in order to help the area become even stronger than before. Five New Orleans neighborhoods are being revived with affordable, green housing thanks to EnviRenew, a project of The Salvation Army New Orleans. Emerge is encouraging youth with positive incentives to learn. A new Salvation Army Kroc Community Center is under construction that will provide the residents of Biloxi, Mississippi with educational opportunities, exercise facilities, services for the community, and many other resources. And these are just a few of numerous ways The Salvation Army is helping the Gulf achieve a brighter future.

If you’d like to view the latest fact sheet on Hurricane Katrina, which contains an overview, statistics and information on The Salvation Army’s long-term recovery efforts, just click here.