A white Christmas often brings more than holiday spirit, it brings out more shoppers who fill the red kettles outside retailers. But this year’s ice and rain prompted many to bypass bell ringers. In fact, The Salvation Army only collected about 50% of what we hoped to bring in on the final days before Christmas.

And that has a ripple effect for the Tree of Lights campaign as well. Bell ringing efforts account for 25% of the total fundraising campaign. So, for at least another week about 20 kettles will remain in their current locations across the city to help raise the more than $600,000 still needed to break even with last year’s goal. 

But it’s not just a goal that we’re striving to reach. Our goal represents real people in our city – your neighbors – who are struggling to provide a home and basic necessities for their families. If you have the means, please stop by a kettle or make an on-line donation today. Every dollar makes a difference.