Ladies from the Women and Children’s Shelter being treated to a spaghetti dinner at DHQ.

“Who are you? Why are you here? And now what shall you wear?” These are questions  we all have pondered. And when it comes to the part about what to wear, it is particularly important to the ladies. While our outward appearance does not define who we are or influence our God-given purpose, treating ourselves to a fresh, new outfit can go a long way in bringing out the inward beauty. This beauty can get buried and lost under our struggles.


As a busy mother who put her children before herself for many years before realizing her need to replenish, Catrina Brown felt the need to offer a special evening of pampering to the ladies who live at The Salvation Army’s Women and Children’s Shelter in downtown Indianapolis. Many have ended up there as a result of domestic abuse and negligence, having nowhere else to turn and leaving their old lives behind. Some come to the shelter with a few belongings in trash bags, stripped of joy and hope.

For these ladies, Catrina envisioned an evening of dinner, motivational speakers and a fashion makeover.  Clothing, jewelry, nail polish and shoes were collected along with a group of fellow Salvation Army employees who were delighted to help organize and serve at the event.  To make it even more special, the makeover was kept secret.

As the speakers gave testimonies of victories over tragic situations, the room resounded with many amens and hallelujahs. It was much needed encouragement for these ladies as they begin their process of healing and renewal. Just as the butterfly sheds its old skin and is a new creation, it was then revealed to the ladies that they would be stepping behind the curtain to shop for a new outfit, complete with shoes and accessories. Judging by the smiles and squeals, it truly was a night of success for these ladies and one that will hopefully be a step towards a brighter future.