For the women staying at The Salvation Army Women & Children’s Shelter, a Life Skills class can be crucial to their goal of being successfully independent. One former client (for privacy she’ll remain unnamed in this post) wants to use her success to give back to those women. She’ll be teaching the class in the coming weeks, speaking to the women about how she made it through her struggles. Drawing on her training and time working at a local bank, she’ll help the women, most of them as single mothers, understand how to better manage their finances.

To be teaching others about finances, to even be working in a bank and supporting herself and twin sons is a twist in circumstances for her, considering  where she was before she came to the shelter for help. Fleeing a domestic violence situation was not only risky because of the threat of her husband, but also because she had come to the U.S. from South Africa and had no green card.

While staying at the shelter, she was able to obtain a good paying  job at the bank and find housing for her and her twins. She has filed for a green card and citizenship. She also keeps in touch with her Salvation Army case manager.

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