First, we want to thank everyone who has made a donation to our Tree of Lights Campaign.  In a year of economic uncertainty, your generosity has been overwhelming.  For those of you still deciding on whether or not to make that donation, read the following testimonial:

“The Salvation Army Social Service Center has been a blessing in every way.  My children and I relocated from Gary, Indiana last June.  I was broke and had no place to stay.  I was also leaving an abusive relationship and they provided us with a safe place to stay.  Not only did they assist us with shelter, they gave me guidance and resources to once again become self sufficient.  I resided in the shelter for two weeks.  Since leaving the shelter I have obtained a full time permanent job and have fully adjusted to life in Indianapolis.  The children have adjusted as well.  They recently even stated that they are happy about the move.  Thanks for everything!”

Your gift really does make a difference.  It made a difference in the life of this young woman and her children, and it can make a difference in the lives of many others in central Indiana.  Won’t you make your donation today and help us help those in need?

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