Last month, The Salvation Army Fountain Square hosted an event called Rock the pantry.

The corps asked for canned good donations to fill its food pantry all while hosting a ‘70s disco-themed dance and costume contest. Well the event was a success.

Kelli Schmeisser, the program director at Fountain Square, has been working with Mike Thilman of Monarch Beverage since the start of the year. About two months ago, a group from the company volunteered their time by spending a Saturday afternoon helping clean and organize a large storage room at the corps center.

As the group worked, Kelli took the time to tell them about the programs and services offered at Fountain Square — including how many people in the community depend on the food pantry there. Of course she mentioned the Rock the Pantry event and extended an invitation. Monarch said it wouldn’t be able to attend the event but would work on getting some donations. Kelli assumed the donation would be a few bags of groceries – a normal-sized donation.

Kelli assumed wrong. The Monday following Rock the Pantry, Monarch Beverage pulled up to the community center in one of its delivery trucks…filled with pallets of canned goods.

When the final count was finished, Monarch Beverage had donated 31,250 cans of food!