People lined up at the canteen Friday morning for a chance to grab a free donut and cup of coffee for National Donut Day.

But the donuts weren’t the ordinary, run-of-the-mill type donuts. Instead of being round, these donuts were square and came from the very appropriately named Donut Day sponsor, Square Donuts. In a little less than four hours, The Salvation Army and Square Donuts passed out 75 dozen donuts on Monument Circle. But that’s not all! Another group from The Salvation Army made personal donut deliveries to all of Indianapolis’ media.

Why did we do this? To simply say thank you to everyone who helps The Salvation Army continue to meet needs in the community. We also threw in a little Donut Day History. The infographic can be found here.

Did you miss donut day, but you’re dying to try Square Donuts? No problem. Head to their Washington Street location or wait a few weeks and grab some donuts from their soon-to-open at 1 North Pennsylvania. Check out Square Donuts’ Facebook Page for a great offer.