Life can be like the weather: Sometimes, when it rains, it pours.

That was the case for Don, who was facing more challenges than he could manage on his own. The Adams County company for which Don worked was experiencing hard economic times and had to cut back his pay by $2.00 per hour and his hours from 40 to 30 hours each week. The much smaller paycheck meant that Don and his wife had to tighten their belts, but the trouble was just beginning for the unsuspecting couple.

Not long after Don’s income shrank, his wife was diagnosed with cancer and had to quit the job that had been keeping them afloat. As bills piled up, the couple sold their car and some furniture to make ends meet. They approached several local agencies, looking for temporary assistance, but their quick turn of fortune worked against them. The couple’s six-month income was too high to qualify for help and Don was becoming increasingly desperate.

That is when Pastor Dan York stepped in. Don called The Salvation Army of Adams County seeking help with his utility bills, but what he found was encouragement, support and a friend who gave him the faith to get through this difficult time.

Pastor Dan remembers well the day that Don visited The Salvation Army. Don was truly grateful for the assistance and was determined to pay back every cent. “I reassured him that this was a gift and it was never to be repaid,” Pastor Dan recalls. “I told him that God has enabled us to help others and that we are an extension of the Church and community.”

After being told again and again by others that he could not be helped, this kindness and acknowledgement of Don’s self-worth transformed the day into one that neither man will ever forget.

“What touched my heart the most was this man, probably 6’2” and 200 pounds, shoulders shaking and tears running down his face,” Pastor Dan explains. “I told him not to feel bad – that he and his family were the very ones that I target to try and help. He again thanked me, and after he left I had this overwhelming feeling that I really made a difference in their life.”