The Salvation Armys Julia Sipes talks to Kindergardeners at the Mary Castle Early Learning Center

The Salvation Army's Julia Sipes talks to kindergartners at the Mary Castle Early Learning Center

As the Special Projects Coordinator for The Salvation Army Social Service Center, Julia Sipes wears a lot of hats.  One of those hats is guest speaker which she recently donned for students at Mary Castle Early Learning Center.

The students in Ms. Scibienski’s kindergarten classroom were curious about people in need and who helps them.  As any good teacher would, Ms. Scibienski worked their questions into the curriculum.  They talked about how some people can’t afford to buy food right now and how others don’t even have homes to live in.  They learned that there were organizations dedicated to help those in need; organizations like The Salvation Army.

Ms. Scibienski invited Julia to visit their classroom and talk about The Salvation Army’s homeless shelter.  Julia was happy to help and on Monday March 16, she visited the kindergarten classroom.  Julia asked the children if they’d ever gone on vacation before and had to pack their things in a suitcase.  She then asked them to imagine that the things in their suitcase were all they had.  “Imagine you don’t have your own room or even a house.  We help people like this everyday and a lot of them are children just like you,” said Julia.

More than 1,300 children in Marion County are homeless each year and The Salvation Army’s Women and Children’s Shelter is meeting their needs.  Homelessness Bites is The Salvation Army’s initiative to end homelessness in Indianapolis.  You can help us by visiting

You can also join us for Eat Outside the Box, a special outdoor event on May 14 to benefit our Homelssness Bites program.  For more information, visit or call Crissy Testa at 317-224-1017.