Karen Mitchell holds on of the Bibles shes sending overseas.

Karen Mitchell holds one of the Bibles she's sending overseas.

Karen Mitchell had no idea that a little divine inspiration could turn into such an amazing project.  It started when Karen felt led to do something special for her best friend’s husband and his Marine Company who are currently serving in Iraq.  “God laid it on my heart to send them Bibles,” said Karen.

She asked friends and family for donations, hoping to collect enough for 200 new Bibles.  Before she knew it, she had enough to purchase 432 new Bibles.  “I couldn’t believe it.  I was overwhelmed,” she said.  Now she just had to figure out how to send them all to Iraq.  That’s where The Salvation Army’s Operation Compassion program stepped into the picture.

Operation Compassion is a program that sends care packages to military men and women serving overseas.  Since 2002, the program has sent more than 72,000 care packages to those serving on the front lines.

Karen happened to bump into Operation Compassion director, Delana Bradbury, while Delana was collecting donations for the program at a local restaurant.  She asked Delana how she might send her Bibles overseas.  Delana’s response was simple: “We could send them for you!”  Karen couldn’t believe it.  “I almost started crying,” she said.

On November 8, Karen and 17 of her friends and family joined Delana in packing care packages to send to the Marine Company in which Karen’s best friend’s husband serves.  Karen’s Bibles, along with many other items, were packed into Christmas stockings and boxed up for shipment.  The packages are due to arrive in Iraq before Christmas.

There are many opportunities to pack care packages for Operation Compassion.  If you are interested in helping you can email Delana Bradbury for more information.