On May 13th, The Salvation Army’s Operation Compassion program held an open house event at its warehouse in Indianapolis. The purpose of the event was to raise public awareness about this very unique program.

Since 2003, Operation Compassion has sent over 68,000 care packages to military men and women serving overseas. Visitors to the event were able to pack some of these care packages which will soon be sent to either military units serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Commander Ken McNeill of the Indianapolis Naval Reserve stopped by to help pack and to say thank you the The Salvation Army and the volunteers for their dedicated service. “I’ve been on the receiving end of these packages and I know how important it is to those serving right now to get these packages” Commander McNeill said.

The open house event was part of a series of events during National Salvation Week. To find out more about Operation Compassion go to SAOpCom.org.