Back and shoulder injuries are always challenging, but at fifty-eight years old, Michelle’s injuries were taking a long time to heal. Her job unloading stock during the night shift was on hold while she endured multiple surgeries and weeks of physical therapy. The time off was taking a toll on both Michelle’s morale and her finances.

Asking for help was a first for this fiercely independent woman, but Michelle knew who to go to when she finally admitted that she just couldn’t do this on her own. She sought out The Salvation Army and asked for help paying for the gas needed to make the 40-mile round trip to her doctor appointments in Terre Haute.

While meeting with her local Service Extension representative, Michelle also learned that The Salvation Army helps to stock a food pantry, giving her a second way to stretch her budget a little further. Every Monday, local churches take turns preparing a dinner for people in need in the community. After the meal, the diners visit the food pantry and take home a bag of groceries to help get them through the week.

Between the gas vouchers, hot meals, and groceries, Michelle found more help than she could have ever imagined existed in her small, tight-knit community. While reaching out had been a difficult decision, she quickly discovered how much easier healing can be with the support of your neighbors.

“She was just so touched,” recalls Jenny Pryce, who helps The Salvation Army distribute funds to people in need in Clay County. “She said, ‘I never ask for help.’ She was in tears, just so thankful.”

Thanks to the generosity of donors throughout Clay County, Michelle is well on her way to a full recovery. She’s looking forward to getting back to work, but will never forget how her community and The Salvation Army was there when she needed them the most.