STARKE COUNTY — The Talbott family felt the hard pinch that reduced work hours have on funds needed to take care of basic daily needs.

Josh Talbott works at a factory. In the winter months, his hours were cut because of slower business. Fewer hours at work meant less income and less income meant Josh couldn’t afford to pay his utility bills. He found himself at the Starke County Salvation Army seeking help.

“With the help of the energy assistance program, we were able to prevent the Talbotts from being disconnected and protected them until March when Josh was able to again find steady work and once again pay his utility bills,” said Joan Haugh, Starke County Salvation Army Service Representative.

Joan said she was able to refer Josh to the township trustee for more help, including keeping his family’s water turned on.

“Josh didn’t even know the township trustee existed,” Joan said. “The family was also helped through our food pantry.”

Josh and his family were extremely grateful to The Salvation Army for its help and use of local resources.

“The family gave us big hugs,” Joan said. “And had many words of praise and caring.”

The Talbott family recovered and got caught up on their bill thanks to help and support from The Salvation Army through other local agencies and caring donors.

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