The Markeys Tote Board in the last few minutes of the Radiothon

The Markeys Tote Board in the last few minutes of the Radiothon

Great volunteers, great sponsors, and a great radio station all add up to one thing:  a record breaking year!  Just over $220,000 was raised during the 14th annual WIBC Radiothon to benefit The Salvation Army.

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The $220,000 is a new record for the seasonal event featured on 93 FM WIBC.  Last year, over $165,000 was raised through the Raditothon, but no one could have expected such a huge increase in just one year’s time.  A big part of the success was a $50,000 check presented by Walmart on Friday afternoon.  Jason Wetzel of Walmart presented the check to Major Dick Amick during the Dave Wilson show.

An event of this magnitude and with this amount of success doesn’t just happen.  First, we want to thank all of our sponsors.  Their matching gifts kept the tote board rolling and the food sponsors kept us well fed.  Next, we want to thank our volunteers.  It’s not easy to staff an event for 55 hours straight but with the help of our great volunteers, we did it.  Finally, we want to thank WIBC.  The commitment and dedication of our family at WIBC is second to none.  We are overwhelmed by their collective heart for service to The Salvation Army.

Because of all of you, The Salvation Army can continue to do the most good right here in central Indiana.  Thanks for a great year!