Jay Ricker believes in giving back to the communities that made him successful. Throughout the year, he and wife Nancy team up with local charities to share some of that success.

“We feel very much to give back to the community,” Ricker said.

Ricker founded the Ricker Oil Company, Inc. with his wife  in 1979.

“I started this business out of my house. I wanted out of the corporate rat race,”Ricker said. “We started by borrowing money from our parents. My parents took a second mortgage out on their home.”

The company now owns and operates 50 convenience stores and has built quite the fountain pop reputation.

Starting on July 9th and continuing through the 28th, 30 of those locations will participate in The Salvation Army’s Donate A Dollar program. Ricker’s customers are encouraged to donate a dollar through the purchase of paper kettles.

Who wouldn’t want to have their name displayed on a Salvation Amy kettle? There’s even talk of a friendly competition brewing among participating locations for the honor (and prize) of selling the most red kettles. It’s probably a good time to stop in for one of those famous Ricker’s pops.

Donate A Dollar is part of an even larger event happening all month long. Perhaps you’ve heard of it – Christmas in July. The money raised in July will go to local Salvation Army programs that provide help and hope to families and individuals affected by crisis, poverty, hunger, isolation and troubled relationships.

“Everyone remembers Christmas, but we need to remember. Think to Colorado and when there are disasters,” Ricker said. “The Salvation Army is there. That’s why we help.”

But it’s not just The Salvation Army that the Rickers are helping. The company aids local food pantries and the Paralympics. The pair recently partnered with a veteran’s organization to help an Anderson man who returned home badly injured after an Army deployment to Afghanistan get a new home.

So grab your Ricker’s Reward card, get a pop and Donate A Dollar!


Money collected will be used for local programs and services carried out by The Salvation Army.  Additional collections or questions about how you can get involved with Christmas in July should be directed to the attention of Mel McMahon, Corporate Relations Coordinator,  3100 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis, IN 46208 317-224-1019  [email protected]