The Salvation Army continues to mobilize personnel and resources to send to Haiti in response to the earthquake

This morning Salvation Army officers working in Port-Au-Prince reported that approximately 50 bodies were dropped off in front of The Salvation Army office.  There is an overwhelming need for food, water, and medical assistance. The Salvation Army is mobilizing personnel and resources to send to Haiti in response to the need with the help of your generous donations.

This includes 44,000 lbs of emergency rations, packaged and ready to move from the Midwest.

  • 285,120 meals
  • 20 pallets, each box is 33 lbs, 66 boxes per pallet,
  • Each box has rice, soy and vitamins, and is plastic wrapped for disaster
  • The Salvation Army is working with other agencies to identify appropriate air transportation to move the already-packaged food as quickly as possible.

The first Salvation Army assessment team is awaiting passage in the Turks and Caicos Islands as air space into Haiti is currently limited to military transport. This team will support personnel already on-the-ground in Haiti, where The Salvation Army has had a presence since the 1950s.

As with all such relief efforts, The Salvation Army’s initial focus, in addition to the safety and security of officers, staff and volunteers in Haiti, will be to assess the immediate needs of the people affected by the earthquake, then utilize its resources to mobilize and ship food, water and other critical necessities to where they are most needed.