Courtesy: Laura – Salvation Army USA, April 6, 2010

Salvation Army officers, church members, and volunteers from Beckley, West Virginia offered their service and support Monday at the disaster scene in the Upper Big Branch Coal Mine, where a massive explosion is said to have killed 25 miners and trapped several more.

Headed by Captains Robert & Monica Barber, The Salvation Army provided food, drinks, emotional and spiritual care throughout the night to those affected by the mine explosion and the 150 rescue workers that were present.

Initial relief efforts by the Army have been suspended today while the authorities begin a recovery operation that requires holes to be drilled into the ground to vent the toxic gas that has filled the mine. All site crew, except for state patrol, have been released but The Salvation Army is expected to return at the request of the state’s Emergency Operations Center.

We will post further updates when they become available. You can also find more information at The Salvation Army’s Southern Territory website.

Please continue to pray for those affected by this tragedy.