Leaders and families of a local Girl Scout troop made a wise decision in January that will have a huge impact on the women and children living at The Salvation Army’s homeless shelter in Indy. What started out as an alternative to earning another badge for these 8-9 yr. old girls bridging over to Girl Scouts, has now grown into a bedroom and storage unit full of toys and toiletries.

Twelve girls in Brownie Troop #2454 of Franklin Twp. embarked on this service project in January, with the intent of collecting items from family and friends. They chose The Salvation Army’s Women & Childrens Shelter because the organization helps more than just victims of domestic violence.

Assistant Leader Kerri Earls contacted a news station to gain exposure for what the girls were doing and hopefully bring some businesses on board with the plan. After Fox 59 featured the story, Kerri says it exploded from there. Not only did the Earls’ spare bedroom quickly begin to fill up with donated items but they had to move some to a storage unit.”These girls have huge hearts for helping others,” says Kerri.

Their enthusiasm spread fast and took the project beyond just the families to inspiring businesses to also give. One mother of a girl in the troop works for The Lumina Foundation. She shared the project at work and on Monday, the shelter received a check from Lumina for $2,500 in honor of the troop.

The project is ongoing until March, which will culminate with a special delivery of the donations to the shelter. At that time, the girls will tour the facility so they can see first-hand how their efforts will be used.

If you’d like to know how you, your group or business can help, call Julia Sloope, Special Projects Coordinator for The Salvation Army Social Service Center – (317)224-1067 or visit their website.