Lts Lunnam

In just a few weeks The Salvation Army Corps Community Center in Vincennes will welcome new officers, Lt. Curtis Lunnam and Lt. Laura Lunnam. As a welcome to the Indiana Division – and a way to get to know the Lieutenants better – we chatted about their personal journeys, family and plans for their new Indiana home.

Q: Is this your first time living in Indiana? Where are you originally from?

Lt. Curtis: We’ve never lived in Indiana before. I grew up in Wichita Kansas.

Lt. Laura: And I’m from Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Q: Can you tell us a little about your family?

Lt. Curtis: We have been married almost 14 years and have 3 sons. Michael is 20 and lives in Kansas, Christopher is 12 and Nathaniel is 7. All of them celebrate their birthdays in August.

Lt. Laura: The boys are looking forward to going to Vincennes and finding a football team (Christopher) and a soccer team (Nathaniel). They just love being outside on their bikes and scooters and playing with friends.

Q: Why did you decide to become an officer in The Salvation Army?

Lt. Curtis: God decided to use me as an officer in The Salvation Army because I worked my entire life taking care of the community as a police officer, sergeant at the county jail, 911 dispatcher, and volunteer fireman after serving in the United States Army. When the new Lieutenant (now my wife) came to town and we worked together on flood duty I saw that she was able to help people and offer them hope by telling them about Jesus. I wanted that, but didn’t think God would want to use me. After many years of trying to find other ways to gain peace in my employment I heard from the Lord that He wanted to use me if I would only give Him complete control. After surrendering my all to Him, those mountains in my way began to disappear.

Lt. Laura: The first time I entered the doors of The Salvation Army, I was carried in. I was an infant and my mother had two other small children that needed food and diapers. The Officer invited my mother to church that Sunday. The Army helped my mom get on her feet and that is what I wanted to help do for others. God made His calling on my life very clear the summer I worked at Echo Grove camp in Eastern Michigan. I entered CFOT as a young 19-year-old and after graduating was appointed to El Dorado, Kansas, which was 995 miles from home.

Q: What are you most looking forward to at your new post in Vincennes?

Lt. Curtis: I’m looking forward to working alongside those in Vincennes to be the arms and feet of Jesus. I want to share His love with others that may be lost in darkness. Serving others has always been a part of my life, but now I can serve others and share the message of Christ with them also.

Lt. Laura: I am looking forward to planting my feet in the community. I love being with people in their good times and also in their tough times. I want to spread the love of Jesus and the message of His Word. I want to share JOY with anyone I meet.

Q: Do you have any special talents, hobbies or interests that you’d like to share?

Lt. Curtis: I am a trained SkyWarn spotter (for tornadoes) and I love keeping my eye on the sky. Emergency Disaster Services in one of my passions. I enjoy target shooting and riding around the countryside. I like to learn new computer programs that are available to help in Worship , because I am not musically talented!

Lt. Laura: I love being outdoors and Geo-caching, camping, hunting, fishing and playing with my children. I am a football mom. I love to sing. I love being with people. I think my greatest strength is being able to find joy and share it with others. I am not a master of anything but I sure love to try new things and enjoy learning.