Homeless mother and child.The Indianapolis Foundation, a CICF affiliate,  has awarded The Salvation Army a $30,000 grant to support it’s Emergency Bed Space program.  The program is part of a community-wide initiative to provide a more comprehensive and coordinated response to domestic abuse. 

The goal of the Emergency Bed Space program is to mobilize existing space to serve up to 10 families during times when all standard shelters are full.  The collaborative program is administered by The Salvation Army’s Women’s and Children’s Shelter, which compiles bed space availability from all Marion County shelters and sends out a daily e-mail update to all who request it.  The shelter also provides access to emergency bed space, case management and transportation when all other shelters are full. 

According to the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 1,574 victims of domestic abuse were denied emergency shelter in Indiana from July 2008 – June 2009. In addition, 53 deaths in Indiana were attributable to domestic violence during that same time period.  The Emergency Bed Space program is designed to prevent further unnecessary deaths by ensuring a safe place is always available whenever it is needed for adults and children who are trying to escape domestic violence.   Since the Emergency Bed Space program began in 2003, nearly 1,946 nights of shelter to more than 482 single individuals and to more than 298 families have been provided when all other Marion County shelters were full.