Hurst Beans donated $500 to get Mel in the dunk tank...

I have to be honest…  I am a little bit thankful Red Kettle Cookout is over!  Not because of anything negative, but because of all the hard work that was required for its success.  Months of planning, weeks of negotiating, and a lot of “team building” went in to this new spring picnic that served around 500 patrons and over 100 homeless.  Red Kettle Cookout went so well not only for The Salvation Army’s programs and services needs, but also for corporate partners, vendors, and patrons—the ones that truly made this brand new event a success.

Not sure if you realized or not, but this spring event was an edited version of the past “Eat Outside The Box—A Picnic to End Homelessness” event.  With a name change, location change, different vendor set up, more activities, new logo, new promotions, and many behind the scenes changes, it really became an event of its own.  From the feedback of our corporate partners, vendors, and attendees, Red Kettle Cookout hit a home run, and I am confident in saying this will officially be an annual event.

Despite all the differences between last springs event and Thursday’s Red Kettle Cookout, one aspect remained very true—The Salvation Army, with the help of the community, did the most good.  More than 100 homeless were fed during the festivities.  Multiple recipients of The Salvation Army’s programs and services expressed their gratitude for what The Army did for them.  Countless people learned something new about what The Salvation Army does in Indianapolis every day.

By learning about what The Salvation Army does, not only are you given the opportunity to become involved, but if you ever need help, you’ll learn that The Salvation Army is here for you, too.  So, at this time, I want to say “thank you.”  Thank you to the businesses that supported this event in whatever way they could.  Thank you to the patrons for spending their lunch hour at University Park.  Thank you to the Development Team for planning a spectacular day of events.  Thank you for still reading this.

Soon enough, it will be time for “Christmas in July!”  Don’t worry.  I’ll give you more details soon.

You’re the best,


Red Kettle Cookout was made possible by:

Party Time RentalBurd Ford *  All American Picnic Co.  *  Judge’s BBQ  *  Yats  *  West Coast Tacos  *

*  Stop & Shred  *  DeVry University  *  Comcast  *  Jillian’s  *  Humana  *  Pampered Chef by Resa Hurley  *

*  Hurst Beans  *  WISH-TV  *  WIBC  *  K LOVE  *  Houlihan’s  *  Mass Ave Toys  *  City Dogs Grocery  *

*  MyCarDoc *   Coca~Cola  *  Indianapolis Indians  *  Indiana Pacers  *  Indianapolis Colts  *

Mel McMahon is the Corporate Relations Coordinator for The Salvation Army.  To find out how your company can donate time, treasure, and talents through Salvation Army programs and services, call her at (317) 224-1019 or email her, [email protected]