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Hope on the Homefront

Being a soldier requires toughness of mind, spirit and body. This also helps soldiers traverse the ups and downs of civilian life, but sometimes the path is too rough for even the toughest men and women. Christopher was injured while deployed in Iraq, but at the end of his tour […]

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Needed Encouragement

Life can be like the weather: Sometimes, when it rains, it pours. That was the case for Don, who was facing more challenges than he could manage on his own. The Adams County company for which Don worked was experiencing hard economic times and had to cut back his pay […]

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From Small Gesture To Something Great

This is just one testimony of a small gesture nestled in humble circumstances; the kind that often gets lost in the frenzy of looking for “something big.”  While searching for success stories – stories of how The Salvation Army is helping families – we came across this heart wrenching one […]

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