Thank God Thank God for you, our generous donors.  Here’s what we were able to do last year because of your gift:

  • More than 1,900 homeless and abused women and children received care at our Shelter for Women and Children.
  • More than 600 women and children fleeing domestic violence found safety and shelter through our Emergency Bed Space Program.
  • In July, the Emergency Bed Space Program was at 143% capacity.  In August it was at 126% capacity.
  • 27 families and 10 individuals found a home thanks to our low-income housing program at our Barton Center Apartments.
  • Nearly 2,300 men and women struggling to overcome substance abuse and addiction found the help they needed at our Harbor Light Center.
  • Nearly 50 men and women in the Harbor Lights Transitional Housing program which gives individuals the tools they need to successfully rebuild their lives after treatment.
  • Meals Served 2011: 2,174,962. This includes meals (groceries) provided through our food pantries.
  • Safe Nights Shelter 2011: 96,482

Thank God for you!