We had the priviledge of welcoming Dunkin’ Donuts to the corner of Washington and Pennsylvania Streets this morning at their grand opening ceremony. Our brass band entertained the long line of customers eager to sample all the donut-y goodness. After a few words from the Deputy Mayor of Indianappolis and the assembled dignitaries, Major Amick was presented with a donation. Then came the Running of the Cups when their mascots ran 6 dozen donuts over to our staff and clients at the Social Services Center on Alabama Street.

We’ve been fortunate to partner with Dunkin’ in the past – we joined them at the grand opening of their Kentucky Avenue store and they joined our team at Celebrity Bell Ringing on the Circle last winter. We’ve had a great relationship and we’re extremely appreciative of the donation today. So, thanks to Dennis Gramm (owner) and Vicki DeSalvo (marketing coordinator) and the new DD crew in town!

And even though the donuts made ‘em famous, stop by and check them out for lunch…the turkey/bacon flatbread sandwich and coolatta are great! Check out pictures from the Grand Opening!