WTHR staff collect coats at Lucas Oil, 2010.

Headed into the first weekend of fall, we’ve got some serious struggles to overcome. Ok, maybe serious is too deep. It’s just football, right? And it’s only the Pittsburgh Steelers…..right? Our Colts have had a rough go of it so far and the outcome of Sunday’s game will only further seal the deal for many fans. But win or lose, many will also stick by their hometown team. And that’s a good thing.

We need more good things these days. With the latest stats coming out about the poverty rates in Indiana, we need a lot of good things. The hardest hit among the more than 1 million Hoosiers living below the poverty line is children – at a rate of 26.3% (well above the 22% national average).

Coats for Kids is one of those good things. And yet it’s not just one, but it is many. It reaches many children. We shared coats with over 4,100 kids in 2010. We’re expecting a greater need this year for the 25th Anniversary of Bob Gregory’s Coats for Kids campaign.

This Sunday, as our Colts face the Steelers, you…the fans will come to Lucas Oil in droves. We’ll be there too, with Bob Gregory and other WTHR staff, volunteers and collection boxes for coats. Find us at any gate and drop your new or gently used coat into the box. We’ll be collecting coats from you before the game, along with donations to buy more coats – coats for kids. Coats that make them smile. Coats that make them warm.

And that’s a lot of good things.