The January 2010 earthquake in Haiti spurred The Salvation Army’s largest disaster relief effort since the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2005.
During the past 12 months, The Salvation Army has provided the following services to the people of Haiti:
·    7.9 million meals
·    1.5 million gallons of fresh water
·    83,000 mosquito nets
·    27,000 clinic visits
·    8,100 cots
·    8,000 cleaning kits
·    7,600 personal hygiene kits
·    4,000 tarps
·    4,000 solar lights
·    More than 5,000 tents
·    606 transitional shelters
The Salvation Army is extremely grateful for the support of a generous public which has enabled us to provide this ongoing service.

To date, The Salvation Army has raised:
·    $29 million from domestic sources
·    $10.8 million through international affiliates
·    Approximately 50 percent of this money has already been utilized on immediate response efforts
·    The remaining funding will be allocated to long-term recovery projects
Long Term Relief Programs
The Salvation Army has maintained a significant presence in Haiti since 1950 and has a number of long-term earthquake recovery projects planned for the next 3 to 5 years. For the latest updates on these and other programs, please visit
The following long-term programs will be funded primarily through donor support. Some are already funded, while others are contingent on future giving.
·    School Repair and Construction – Rebuilding and renovation of more than 40 school buildings including upgrading facilities for handicap accessibility.
o    Duration of the program: 3 years
o    Cost: $6 million
·    Integrated Family Support – Providing support to impacted families through psychological/social counseling, vocational training, livelihood support grants and possibly permanent housing. The planned project will target Port-au-Prince and five other communities.
o    Duration of the program: 5 years
o    Cost: $3 to $6 million (dependent on funding grant)
·    Primary Health Care and Clinic – Rebuilding destroyed Salvation Army clinic in Port-au-Prince and support for expanding service.
o    Duration of the program: Determined by donor support
o    Cost: $1.75 million
·    Community Capacity Development – Intensive training for community leaders throughout Haiti to develop disaster response and project development skills.
o    Duration of the program: 3 years
o    Cost: $1.5 million
·    Psychological/Social Support for Children and Adolescents – Opening of nine multi-purpose units throughout Haiti to help young people manage emotional stress following the earthquake. Individual and group activities will include music and recreation programs.
o    Duration of the program: 3 years
o    Cost: $1.3 million
·    Vulnerable Children Support – Support for 300 children, some former residents of the destroyed Salvation Army children’s home in Port-au-Prince, through financial assistance to families.
o    Duration of the program: Determined by donor support
o    Cost: $200,000 annually
·    Temporary Classrooms for College Verena – Providing temporary facilities for 1,500 students in Port-au-Prince while damanged/destroyed buildings are reconstructed.
o    Duration of the program: 1 month
o    Cost: $192,000
·    Emotional/Spiritual Support for Women – Support groups for women to assist in managing the trauma of the earthquake and the continued emotional strain of living in poverty.
o    Duration of the program: 3 years
o    Cost: $156,000
·    Internally Displaced Persons Camp – The Salvation Army managed a camp of 20,000 survivors since the earthquake until the end of October when the primary camp management was turned over to a committee of residents. Financial support for the camp continues.
o    Duration of the program: 3 years
o    Cost: $50,000 annually